Pastor Thaung Lian

Thaung Lian FamilyThe national pastor whom we have chose to partner with for Project Burma is Thaung Lian.


My name is Thaung Ngaih Lian, a nationality of Burma. I’m your supporting missionary for many years already. I married to Ciin Lam Ma’an. She came to know Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and Lord at the age of eight by the witness of her Sunday school teacher. Now the Lord blessed us with two precious sons.

I got saved on 1995 by the witness of my uncle who was formally a Baptist Pastor who was brought to Christ by American missionary. And  was baptized after a week I met Jesus. After I got saved , I went the border of China and Myanmar and worked for three years. Previously, I work so hard but never enjoy what I was doing. When I became a Christian, God gave me a new heart and spirit. I found joy in the presence of the Lord in my life. I began to see the blessedness of the saved. Then I saw and recognized that many Burmese were going to hell and were missing Heaven because they worship idol gods. After I got saved, I used to work many times in front of my boss’ idol. I remember before I quit my job, I witness and asked my boss,” Do you know who God really is?” In reply, he pointed to the idol and said,” This is our god,”I said, No! There is only one God and He is a living God, in whom we have redemption through the Lord Jesus Christ.But he rejected to believe.The Holy Sprit convicted me again the need of my countrymen for the Gospel. Then the Lord spoken my heart with His word in (Proverbs 29:18).I finally gave up my job, pray for a while and committed my whole life to serve Him and Him alone.

I was a graduated of Bethany Baptist Bible Collage. As I enter into another phase of my Christian life, my plans remains unchanged. I will continue to take up the challenge of reaching my countrymen with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By God’s grace my aim is to establish and planting many Churches as much as I can by the help of God against the mighty. My ministry now is preaching, teaching, Church planting, and equipping leaders for the ministry in each mission Churches. I trained the members how to do evangelism, disciple new convert (follow up) and teach sound doctrine and the old fashioned truth. It is my vision that someday Burmese will evangelize their own people with the pure Gospel from the word of God. This is my earnest prayer to our Mighty God. Brethren, please pray for us.

After almost seven years of laboring with much fervency of prayer. The Lord blessed us and enabled us to plant three small mission Churches. We sent each pastor in each mission Church to feed the congregation. This pastors are really struggling each day to support for their family but in spite of many hardship they are faithfully serving the Lord. What a privilege to work with these faithful men They are bold enough to stand for God and reach the lost for His glory and honor. Each national pastor need monthly support of $60 to 100. But depend on how many there are there in their family. The Church that now I am pastoring is around 60 to 70 members. And now I am working with three mission pastors who are sent out from our Church. Now three pastors are working in each mission field. I am struggling financially to support them. My parents are already a Christian. The Gospel was brought to them by my uncle as I mentioned the above. My parents were my first member in the Church that I’m pastoring today. I thank the Lord for their faithfulness to support me in the ministry. Our Church planting ministry is growing every day. Our prayer for this year is to start tribal mistry in Rakhnie State. Since 2004 the beginning of our Church we moved from one location to another several times. By faith we will be patiently still moving until the Lord provided a permanent place for us. We presently have a building project which is already laid the foundation. We moved often because the Burmese people did not allow their house a place for Sunday worship. This are a challenging for us and yet faith stretching process. It’s not been easy but through it all we have seen the invisible righteous mighty hand of God holding us and leading us together from grace to grace, glory to glory. To God be the glory for the things that He has done!

We saw not only God’s faithfulness but the unshakable commitment and dedication of believers boldly. Every planted Church were born in Prayer and has been sustained in Prayer by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Among many experiences I still remember one Friday prayer meetings all night and all Sunday afternoon prayer meetings where we sought the face of God and pray for revival. Through the night we raised our voices toward heaven competing with the frogs as well as the noise of stones thrown at us by neighbors who hated Christian presence in the community. This is the way we are laying the Church foundation every time there is a new Church started. Until today by the grace of God our mission Churches and ministries are only sustain by prayer through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the only way of the Church growth. We never take it for granted.

Our ministry is mainly focus on (Matthew 28:18-20) preaching the  Gospel, baptizing them those who are converts and teach them all  things or disciple them. I want you to pray for the people in Burma who are starving physically and spiritually. The ministry in Burma have been suffered persecution throughout the years since the political changed in 1960s, force all the missionaries to leave including American missionary. We have many painful adjustment speedily and carry on the ministry. Please pray for us to maintain the ministry strong and more souls to be saved through our ministry. We hope that our faithful friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord will pray for us and find ways to partner with us and help us the mission work in Myanmar financially and spiritually. I want to be assured that we really appreciate for your great involvement in this harvest

After more than six years of laboring in Church planting with much fervency of prayer the Lord added to expand to a larger ministry which is the most nearest to the heart of God. That is an orphan children ministry. In many occasion the Lord spoken my heart and laid the burden upon my heart for this ministry even before we started this. I have been often shared to the congregation by faith. Then finally, the year 2008 May, there was a cyclone that hit Myanmar mightily especially in the delta areas and many children are left alone after the cyclone killed their parents. This is the starting point that we have this orphan children ministry and prepared them to live in rented facilities for the meantime until the Lord provide of our own. We still pray for the house of our own. One committed couple who have shared the burden and help me to take care of the children and guide them and give them a godly counsel.

Now I am here narrating you the exact conditions of orphan children in my working areas especially the victims to the Irrawady delta and Yangon who have lost so much of their homes, livelihood, families, etc. But most of all the children who have lost their parents with the cyclone Nargis, are totally helpless in the delta and they are suffering a lot at their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. They are starving for days. They are struggling at their nest facilities. They are helpless without neighbor treatment. Being a  Baptist Pastor and preacher of the Word I pitied at their helpless stage. I got much motivated by the verse in the book of (James 1:27).Then I prepared by faith to host them through an orphanage. Our helpless orphan kids are growing now on perfect healthy conditions. They are going to school regularly by adapting ever-good habits under Christian back ground. I believe that they should become as God’s servants in the future. By such a pious target I am training them daily. I am going through much trouble trying to provide for their needs. I have rented a piece of land and planted mushroom which is our main supply in this way we could hardly survive but so much troubles and limited. In fact just recently the flood destroyed all of our planted mushroom and field. I’m really struggling for support financially. Please pray and take action and send your lovely and sacrificial gifts to this home for FOOD, CLOTHING AND SHELTER.I am praying to go in order to acquire any heavenly support from any side.  But I’m thankful for your support this month for this kids. Since all these days I am searching for a heavenly person like you in order to look into the need of our orphan children ministry. Little support extended by you shall the lives of our orphan children, and it shall be the heavenly blessing for you and your family. Please pray and encourage for our orphan children home by providing their needs FOOD, CLOTHING AND SHELTER and etc in your best way through His blessings.

These Orphan Children are facing a world without family-without hope. If you speak to children growing up in orphanages, on the street, you will find that they talk of family and belonging. Many hope against hope that their parents will return for them or that someone new will come to love them. Most significant of all is that they have no father to guide them, no mother to love them and no one to celebrate their accomplishments. The lives of those children who grow up as orphans, never find permanent, loving homes. The world is in crisis. If nothing changes …nothing changes. And it is a crisis involving which is extremely precious to the heart of God: orphans. The problem of many orphans will not be solved by one group or one Church or one man. The answer lies in us, creatively finding solutions to solve small pieces of the orphan plight and saving lives one by one! God says that He is the father of fatherless; orphans are part of his royal family. He has asked us, the Church, to be his hands extended and to love these children on His behalf. ‘Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world” (James 1:27)

The ultimate goal for the ministry is to provide a proper education in all aspects of life to these precious kids so that one day they might be equipped to bring hope through Christ to what is, without Christ a hopeless situation. A $ 25 per month per child sponsorship can provide for their food, clothing, medical, educational and spiritual needs. Any amount of financial help makes possible for this ministry to build the army of God’s people equipped to stand firm against increasing personal and societal persecution in the land where false reliance on religious ritual, tribal customs and Socialist dictatorship are doing their best to silence the desire to hear the Gospel by many of Burmese.

Serving the King of kings in Myanmar,

Your missionary, Thaung Lian and family