Pastor Thaung Lian Piang




I was not only raised up in a Christian family but my parents were serving the Lord as full time Pastor in Chin State, but I had never accepted Jesus Christ in my heart. But one day a lady came to me and asked me if you were to die where are you going? I was so afraid of that question as I could not answer. I kept listening her and finally I knew and found out that Jesus is the only answer of my fear of going to hell. I would never forget she shown me the book of Ephesians 2:8-9. The moment I read this verse I was rejoicing and decided inviting Jesus in my heart by faith. Then I am set free from my fear of dying and going to hell.

As I attended the Brethren Church for their bible study once in every week I really grown up in God’s word and have a heart to serve Him. One day a preacher preached on Isaiah 6:8-9. After the preaching was over I felt like I could not have peace in my heart unless I surrender my life for the Gospel sake. I have such a burden to reach my fellow Burmese with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord asked me whom shall I send and who will go for me? I just didn’t know what to do with my life. But I said Lord, I am willing to do what you have me to do. Since then I serve the Lord without having any support for my family.

But the Church where I served with, was controlling me and telling me always what to do. Finally I cut off my fellowship with them and I stand alone. It was a hard decision. But it is harder to work with a people who have no servant heart and yet would like to control every work of God that I am doing. It is really hard to work under control of a denomination which will tell you what to do. I found out that it is unscriptural. So I’ve rather chosen to be alone than under control. As I study and read my Bible a local church is always an Independent like Bro. Thaung at Bethny Baptist Church. So I have learned many things from Pastor Thaung about being an Independent Baptist Church.

If you allow me to be one of your partner in reaching the Burmese with the gospel, would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t finished my training at Bethany Baptist Bible Institute. But since 2000 I am Pastoring in a Church in Dala Baptist Church.

It is my prayer that God would give me more open doors and plant more Churches in Burma. I am so thankful for being one of your mission partner.

May the Lord bless you all.