Pastor Mang Sar

Mang Sar’s Testimony

My name is Mang Sar.  I got saved when I was teenager by the witness of a group of gospel preacher who came to our village and have a crusade for days. I don’t know the exact day I got saved. But I well remember the day when Jesus came into my heart and touched my heart and then convincing me by the Holy Spirit that I am a sinner, have no hope for heaven. I was aware of the great need of the Savior in my life. I did not hesitate to receive Jesus in my heart as my Savior at that moment while the preacher kept inviting me to receive Jesus in my heart.

Since I got saved I am serving the Lord at Evangelical Free Church, which is the only Church in my village. I have no other choice. But what I’ve learned from Pastor Thaung’s teaching from the Word of God is my foundation. He trained me for six full months. He taught me how to win souls and evangelize and disciple converts. I have not formal Theology training background.  I thoroughly believe in a university education for both men and women; but … a knowledge of the Bible without a college education is more valuable than a college education without the Bible. But Pastor Thaung had taught me a lot of things concerning Doctrinal Statement and the right kind of Church authority that Baptist has.  He always teaching me even when he visited me a short time. But I am so proud to be a part of Bethany Baptist Church.

I was called by the Lord in 2009 as full time preacher in Rakhine State when Pastor Thaung have Pastor meetings in 2009 at their church. I was invited by my brother in law (Pastor Aung Shwe) at the conference who was also working with Pastor Thaung and he was one of their mission pastor sent out by Bethany Baptist Church Yangon. Pastor Thaung preaches the word of God powerfully and challenged those pastors who were attending the conference for the great need of reaching out our brethren not only in Yangon but in Rakhine State which State is the strongest Buddhist areas.

My Pastor (Thaung Lian) and the Church had supported our family but I’m still struggling to feed my family and my own kids. The Lord blessed me with three daughter and five boys. I have nine kids.  My kids have needed full support for their education. They are all studying in public school. But only the Lord is our provider of all. Our faith depends in Him alone. Since we started the ministry and church planting in Rankine state the Lord has been so good to us and had never failed us to see deliverance through difficult situation. Please continue to pray for us that we will always have the encouragement of reaching the people with the Gospel. Satan is always trying to destroy the preaching of the Gospel but we have a living God who is standing with us. If God before us who can against us.  We are confidence and believe that through the help of the Holy Spirit the people of Rakhine also will one day be a partaker of the heavenly blessing.

On behalf of my family and the Church I would like to extend my grateful heart for your prayer support. May the Lord continue to use you in a wonderful way. What you have done for Christ will last forever in heaven. Thank you so much.