Pastor Jonah

Testimony of Jonah

My name is Jonah (Jonathan). I’m a husband of one wife and a father of two daughters. One is my adopted daughter. So we are four family members.

I got saved in April 4, 2000 by a gospel preacher. The preacher kept teaching me and giving me discipleship training for three years. In other word I just following the preacher for three years and seeking God’s will in my life. After following him for three full years I know God is calling me to be in somewhere but don’t what kind of ministry specifically. I have been trying to hide myself from God just like Jonah in the Bible. But it is true that I can’t deny the called of God. Every time I’ve tried to run from God my heart troubled.

Finally, I decided that it is better to be troubled in the presence of God than living far from His will.

Involvement In The Ministry

The year 2004-2006 I had film showing ministry about the passion of Christ and travelling to Irrawaddy, Yangon,  Paletwa and Rakhine State.In reality I can see a bigger picture of the Lord’s will in my life in Sept 24, 2004. In July,2006 I continued pursuing further study with my wife in a Bible Institute, Yangon.

After graduation in Bible school, I started a Biblical Baptist Church (Mission) in Nov 1, 2009. Since we started the mission work and hold worship service in a rented place the land lord evicted us for a dozen

times. This is one of the biggest challenge we face each day. Renting cost around $ 50 per month in our place in Shwephythar. But by the grace of God we could hardly survive until today. Our hope of all times from God is that someone like you who will help us in financial matter. I hope and pray to God that he will use you in a mighty way as you challenge churches in America to involve in your first mission work in Burma, the land of Adoniram Judson.

Church Attendance

Since we started our church planting ministry we have seen souls got saved and added to the local church through baptism. There are 30 members in our church but only 15 people are faithful in attendance of in a regular basis. Most of our members are Burmese. We also have many pure Burmese Sunday students. Some kids are very faithful in spite of their parents forbid them to come on Sunday. Truly, we have seen the fruit of our labor in the Lord although it seemed so small and slow for the growth. I pray that we can work more for the Lord in the future as our need will be fully provided soon in order for us to pay full attention in the ministry.

There is a great need of discipleship training and small group of Bible study which is the most effective way of Church growth as we have seen Pastor Thaung (BBC) and in his training school in the church. Within ten years I believe we can send more local missionary across Burma to plant more Churches if we continually do these two things.

Please continue to pray for our church and each member of the church. It is a great encouragement for us to know that someone like you who can stand on our behalf raising support for us. I know it is a hard task to raise fund but thank you so much for your willing heart to stand on our side. We are confidence that He will do a greater thing in the near future. You are always in our prayer. God bless you!

Your Co-laborer in Christ,

Bro. Jonah and family