Pastor Boyling


BoyLing’s Testimony

My name is Boyling. I’m a father of two children. I was grown up in a Christian family. I thought growing up in a Christian family will save me from my sin. I had never heard of the gospel very clearly in my life since the Church which I belonged was not preaching the gospel any more. I have been wondering my life and searching the truth for many years. I was so afraid of dying because I know if I die I will sure going to hell. One Saturday morning in the soul winning program at a Baptist Church in my hometown a friend of mine had met me and invited me to attend in their Church. The Lord spoken my heart through the message of the Pastor. I was so touched by the question that he asked the congregation. He said, my friend if you are a visitor and don’t know where are you going if you die today? This question is really making my soul troublesome for many years. The Pastor kept preaching on Romans Chapter ten about calling upon the name of the Lord and shall be saved. This is the good news that making my souls rejoicing. I invited the Lord immediately to come in my heart as my Savior. I just knelt down on my knees and accepted Jesus in my heart as Lord and Savior. The moment I got saved I just want to share the whole world the good news of salvation. Since my heart is burning for the Lord I want to preach and witness the gospel to everyone I met. The burdens had grown everyday for the lost of our people. I can see the great need of preaching the gospel among the Burmese. It is such a lost if a soul has not received Christ and die. This is what happened to many Burmese. They are dying without Christ and going to hell. It grieved me so much.

In the year 2004 my family were moved to Yangon and transferred our membership to Bethany Baptist Church under Pastor Thaung Lian who is my mentor and Pastor as well. This Church has the vision of reaching the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ which vision is much similar to my vision. My Pastor keep challenging the members the vision of mission every Sunday. Every time he had preached about reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ I moved with compassion on for Burmese. I thank the Lord for my second Pastor Thaung and the Church for being mindful of the lost world. The Church is a small Church with a big heart. They had Church planting ministry that growing every year numerically and spiritually. Today we are planting many Churches already including mine. Its all by the grace of God. Soon another mission will start again. All glory belongs to God.

I was fully surrender my life for full time worker in the ministry in the year 2007. By the grace of God our regular attendance is 20 every Sunday. Financial hardship is one of the most challenging in the ministry. We daily struggling financially for our family. But we are over rejoicing when we heard about you. Thank you so much for the burden that you have for Burma. This kind of burden had been done by only few people. Only few people willing to do that. Thank you so much for your compassion on the poor Burmese. You are such an encouragement for us. It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to use you in a special way for the furtherance of His kingdom. God bless!