Pastor Aung Shwe








Aung Shwe’s Testimony

My name is Aung Shwe. I have five brothers and two sisters. I’m the eldest son.  My parents are still living in my province in Chin Sate near to Yakhine State. In 1992 I got married.  The Lord blessed me with three sons today.  As I grew up in a family that practice worshipping spirits I have no idea about God the creator of the universe. I did not believe that there is a living God. I never knew and heard the name of Jesus. In 1983 our family attended Roman Catholic Church and became a member of the Church for eight years. But it is sad to say that the Roman Catholic had not even one time shared with me the gospel of Jesus Christ and did not help me find Jesus in my life. I was wondering for many years searching for the truth since the Church could not help me find the living Savior. Soon after I move to another Church called Anglican and became a member for five years there. But still couldn’t find what I’m really searching for. Unfortunately, both of the Churches I’ve been going were not helping me any thing about the Savior.

I have been living for many years in a miserable life. Finally, in the year 2004 a group of people who held gospel crusade for four days in our village under the leadership of Pastor Thaung Lian.  For four nights the Pastor was preaching all about the Gospel and every word he spoke it touches my heart. The preaching of the Gospel pricked my heart and soul.  I was really getting troubles deep down in my heart. As the Pastor kept questioning what about if you die do you know where your soul going? I don’t really know. The question really made me troublesome. I thought of my life. I have no amount of hope for heaven. I’m totally hopeless. Later on the preaching was over and I just raised my hand to receive the gift of Jesus which is eternal life. I raised my hand and received Jesus Christ in my heart. The moment I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior I got peace in my heart.

After I got saved I really wanted every body to experience what I had experienced in my life. I was just simply praying for God to use me. After three years later, the Lord opened a door for me to visit Yangon and preach at Bethany Baptist Church under Pastor by Thaung Lian. He shared with me the great need of Church planting ministry in one of their out reaches called children ministry since he have no preacher in there. I had felt the great need to fill in that area. As I preached the Gospel there weekly and help Pastor Thaung in this way I led many Burmese to Christ. So I felt the called of God. I wanted to preach the gospel for the rest of my life. If we are truly converted, we will be enabled to strengthen others – and be a real help and blessing to the lost. If that fruit is completely lacking in our Christian life, then we have not been truly converted. All we have is words. We have still not encountered “Jesus Christ himself” (Ephesians 2:20).

Please continue to pray for me as the Lord directed me to be an evangelist and travel around and encourage our mission Pastors. God will use me more and more to draw more souls to Jesus for the cleansing from sin by His Blood! Amen! I was trained how to do evangelism and win soul by Pastor Thaung. I was sent out from Bethany Baptist Church,Pastor by Thaung Lian. He is simple but very strict in the matter of Bible Doctrine and Church leadership. He taught me Baptist Doctrinal Statement and many things about God’s word that I never ever heard in my life. His teaching is really profound. I thank God for my Pastor who has a big vision of reaching out many souls for Christ.

Thank you so much for your burden for the Burmese people and willing to give your life for the Burmese. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to use you more powerfully for the furtherance of the Gospel. You are really such an encouragement for us. We feel your great burden and love for us.