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Testimony of James Ye’ Soe

I am James Ye’ Soe. I have been serving in the ministry for almost two years at Shwe Pyi Thar township, Yangon, Myanmar.There were many challenges in the ministry as we work by faith. But God has been so good and supply our daily food.

My parents were pagans, worshiping evil spirits. But I’m so glad my dad got saved before he died as a gospel preacher witnessed to him in my village. I was only eight when my father was passed away. Since then my mom taking care of me and raise me until I was 18. I still remember as a young boy every night my mom was praying for me. Every Lord’s Day or Sunday my mom sent me with my brothers and sisters to Sunday school. As a Sunday school boy I thought I could approach Jesus by being good and faithful attending Church on Sunday. But I had never known Jesus personally. Although I am a good young man I felt that the emptiness in my heart. As I grown up I had a burning heart and great desire to know more about Jesus Christ and His holy word at the last part of my Sunday school age. One day I decided to call upon the name of the Lord as I read the Bible I found Jesus invitation on me in the book of (Romans 10:910,13).Therefore, without hesitation I knelt down on my knees and called Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. Sooner or later I came to visit Yangon and met Pastor Thaung. He taught me many things in my short training.

There is a great burden in my heart for my fellow Burmese who have no hope for heaven. Because they worship idols. As I kept praying and asking God, He has spoken my heart with His word again In (Matt9: 36-38. I saw the great need in the harvest field. The great need of laborers. I said, I will follow where you leads me. The led me to be a preacher and Church planter in Shwe Pyi Thar.  Now there are almost 30 church members in my church. Some of them converted to Christ from Buddhism and some are from Muslim.  But if we have enough financial support we would be more effective in our Church planting effort. But I am so thankful for my Pastor Thaung for helping me in this ministry with what he have. I also appreciate for his vision and great heart for Myanmar people. I am rejoicing when my pastor shared about AWBM and your vision. Wow!

May the Lord bless you and use you mightily.