Pastor Alin



Pastor Alin’s Testimony

I was born on November 15, 1977. Even though I’ve grown up in Christian family I did not understand clearly about salvation. But one of the pastor told me the Gospel of Christ and that Christ paid for all my sins. He died, was buried and rose after three days.Now He is living and if you believed in Him you would be saved. At that time i came to know and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord as the preacher quote on John 14:6 on march 1998. After I got saved I have a great desire to serve the Lord. I was helping Sunday school kids in my Church back the village. Eventually I also become a Sunday teacher in my village. I was burden to start a pioneering work to a place where no gospel was preaching yet. Well asking the Lord to guide me and lead me He finally led me to Mingalordon, since 2008. Once I first preached to that community the people don’t like me that they try to hinder the ministry that I am doing. By the grace of God I planted a church and have regular services every Sunday today. But what I found out was that the people are so hungry the word of God. One of my greatest challenged was that every day I was struggling to support my family. My church members were so poor that they could not support me. But I still need to teach them tithing and giving to the Lord is the only way of receiving God’s blessing. Thank god for the many trials and hardship we have been through. Through it all God has been good. I was rejoicing the burden that you have for the national Pastors to help us with what you can. I can help but pray for you. Please keep praying for me that I would continue to stand with boldness in preaching the gospel to my country men. I thank the Lord for choosing me to be His servant.