Orphan Children


Dear Pastor and Church,

Greetings from Yangon again!

Since three months ago there is a great conflicted in Yakhine State in Myanmar among the Rohingyas muslims and Yakhine people. Many lives were death and houses were burnt. The situation in Yakhine will not calm easily as the battle still going on. In the village peoples’ lives getting worse everyday. If I had not brought our people out of their village area and to Yangon, they would have surely been killed. The Rohingya Muslims are really acting like crazy and killing many lives and literally hunting our people in Yakhine. The news agencies of the world report the reverse, that Myanmar’s people are killing the Muslims and driving many into the sea. But it is not true. Our people have lost everything: their homes, their cattle and oxen, most of their …belongings, their school, BUT NOT THEIR FAITH. They put their faith and trust in Christ as Saviour this past three years when we went to their village and proclaimed the Gospel.  They had never heard of Christ. They had never seen a Bible. They had never been in a church service. But the Word of God, sharper than any two-edged sword, pierced their heart and they received the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. And our mission Pastor Mang Sar and his family was taking care of the mission church there.




After running and hiding in the jungle for a week I was bringing them out of the jungle with Pastor Mang Sar and his family.Then finally brought them to Yangon at our Church last Aug 10. The journey to safety was long and hazardous. They said that they were happier stuck in the deep mud along the road than back in their village, living in fear or running through the jungles for their lives. But now they are in Yangon, a city of 6.5 million people.  It is a big change for them. But they continue to trust the Lord. Please pray for them. They need clothes, food, jobs, and homes.  Among them are 6 orphans whose parents were killed in the conflict but able to bring only two of them. We didn’t get them all. One family is missing that fled into the jungle and didn’t come out. For now, those who made it are sleeping and eating in the church with my family. Myself, and my wife  taking care of them. They arrived Yangon with severe stomach ached as a result of drinking unclean water while running in the jungles.But by the grace of God our people are totally recovered from severe stomach ached after bringing them one by one to a doctor. Every day is a great challenge for my family as we live, eat, and sleep with 24 of them in the Church.

Right now they are living in the Church facilities with my family.We ate a sack of rice only two and half days. A sack of rice is $30. Our menu cost us $50 per week. But if we rent apartment it will cost $50 per month. But since we cannot afford to rent apartment for each one of five family we just live all together on the Church facility. We (my family) pay all the expenses. It is consuming too fast small amount of our support. But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus. If anyone who is willing to help us we would be grateful any amount of your financial assistant.  If not in financial please help us in your prayers. We appreciate for every moment of your prayer.

The plan in short right now is to make their national identity card and household list which is left back in the village. Then teach their kids at the Church. But we still looking for members who can volunteer to teach these kids and next year will send them to public school. Right now we are looking for whatever job we can find.  But since they are not well educated people did not accept them in Yangon. These make me head ached. But our hope is only in the Lord. We pray that God will do the best in this matter.


Long term plan is just to buy a piece of land near from Yangon and raise animals like pig,goat,cows and chicken which is their main job back in their village. I have been looking for a piece of land with reasonable price. The land that I asked was going so high and even the surrounding areas of Yangon. Please pray that we will be able to secure a piece of land so that our refugees can raise animals on it. In Twentee province we can still buy rice field $1000 per acre. We need at least 15 acres of rice field  in order to provide rice for five family and the same time they can raise animals on it. Nothing is too hard for God. Pray that God would provide for them one step at a time.

They are still so frightening and so scaring until today.They are so scared that someone might come to us and wipe us out like they have experienced in Yankhine. But I told them not to afraid since they are in Yangon. They are giving their testimony every night as we have our prayer meeting with them. They are growing in their faith and spiritual life. One man give testimony that saying this trials and troubles give us more maturity and more trust in the Lord.

For my family we are so thankful for their safety arrival in spite of the lost of one family member of ours. But sometimes we are so worried of what we eat tomorrow and what is ahead of us since we live with our trouble brethren and consuming our small amount of support too fast.

Again we are so grateful for your sacrificial lives and care for your brethren here in Myanmar.  May the Lord reward you with His manifold of blessings.

Sincerely in Christ,
Bro. Thaung