In April 1976, as a successful 29 year-old businessman ruining his life and marriage with alcohol, I was saved in Canton Baptist Temple, Canton Ohio. Two years later I entered the Heritage Baptist Institute in Cleveland, Ohio as a member of Cleveland Baptist Church.  During that church’s 20th Anniversary and S.M.I.T.E. program I was called to preach the gospel.  I entered Hyles-Anderson College in the fall of 1979 and graduated in 1982.  Upon graduation, I started a church in Methuen, MA.  After two years I moved my family back to Hammond, IN and raised my three children while serving as a layman and deacon at First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN.

In October of 1997 my wife was tragically killed in an automobile accident on the eve of my father’s funeral.  God used these events to thrust me forward in the work of the Lord.  I began to help small churches and missionaries around the world thru my successful consulting business.

In February of 2000 I made my first visit to the Philippines.  I returned with an even greater burden to help my missionary friends.  In October 2000 God gave me a vision to help build a children’s camp on the island of Northern Samar at the ministry of Layne Jones, to help reach the youth of the Philippines.  I returned in February 2001 to break ground and begin building CAMP JUDI in honor of my wife of 28 years.  During this same visit I preached a week-long missions conference for the LaLoma Baptist Church in Quezon City, Manila.  At the close of that meeting I felt God’s call to be a missionary to the Philippines.

This call was confirmed in the days following at the 3rd Fundamental Baptist World Missions Conference at the ministry of Missionary Steve Heidenreich in Calinog, Iloilo, Philippines.  After consulting with veteran missionary Rick Martin, he pointed out the need for a strong fundamental Baptist church in the city of Bacolod on the island of Negros.  In June 2001 I surveyed this city and God confirmed that that was where he wanted me to go.

I spent 14 months on deputation and in June 2002 I moved to Bacolod City to start a church.  The church started in August 2002.  Very shortly after arriving here God led me to meet a wonderful single lady by the name of Kay Thompson from Oklahoma City, OK.  We were married in her home church, Windsor Hills Baptist Church, on October 5, 2002.  Kay was saved as a teenage girl also in 1976.  She graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College in 1987, has taught in Christian schools for eight years and served three years as a missionary to Belarus from 1992-1994.  She has a sister and her husband who are also missionaries to the Philippines.  I have three grown children and 22 grandchildren from my first marriage.  God has given Kay and me a precious daughter named Brianna, born on July 23, 2005.

In June of 2003 we began Gospel Baptist College for students studying for the ministry. Former graduates and students have started or are pastoring six churches.  We purchased 3,596 square meters of property and have built an auditorium, Sunday school buildings and dormitories, along with a house for our Filipino pastor and many native buildings. We also have a two-bedroom missions house on our church property.  The current value of all of the land and buildings exceeds $800,000.

In 2005 I realized the need to reach beyond the Philippines and into Asia.  Many Filipino missionaries are building strong ministries throughout Asia.  Most are under supported and lack the funds to build buildings and train the national pastors in their ministries.  At that time I founded Asian World Baptist Ministries (A.W.B.M.) for the purpose of helping these fine servants of God. Since transitioning the ministry of Gospel Baptist Church in June 2012 I have been expending all of my efforts to partner with and help them advance the gospel in the countries throughout Asia.

Although now of retirement age I choose to follow the example of the great missionary to Japan, Charles Cowman who said,

                                   “Let us build for the years we will not see”.